First Day Hikes: A day in photos

First Day Hikes 2019 brought 3,859 people to North Carolina’s state parks. Hundreds of dogs, at least two llamas and a goat joined their human companions on various hikes across the state. Here are a few photos of us having fun!

First day hikers at the base of Stone Mountain.
First day hikers follow the ranger’s lead at Stone Mountain State Park.
fdh clne 2019 intro
Cliffs of the Neuse has a record crowd for first day hike.
fdh disw 2019 goat
Dismal Swamp welcomes its first goat hiker.
fdh grmo 2019
Grandfather Mountain State Park’s first day hikers head out on the Profile Trail.
Haw River crowd together before first day hike.
fdh lano 2019
Lake Norman’s first day hike crew!
fdh moje 2019
Mount Jefferson first day hikers on Luther Rock.
fdh momi 2019 group
Mount Mitchell offers the highest first day hike east of the Mississippi.
fdh momi 2019 ranger teaching
Mount Mitchell first day hikers learn from rangers.
fdh pimo 2019 little pinnacle
Pilot Mountain’s first day hikers on the Little Pinnacle

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