Fort Fisher has it covered

Summer is just around the corner, and Fort Fisher State Recreation Area has launched into the season with a splash.  Just five miles south of Carolina Beach, Fort Fisher was already an accessible treasure with its undeveloped beaches, four-wheel drive access, and one-mile Basin Trail– a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a healthy salt marsh and maritime forest (from a lovely and sturdy boardwalk, and without being neck-deep in pluff mud). Last week, this State Recreation Area celebrated new additions to its ample charm that will offer visitors an even better experience.
As the first NC State Parks property to complete a Connect NC Bond project, Fort Fisher spruced up two of its most utilized resources: the picnic area and the restrooms. Newly installed sunshades stretch across an expanded, sandy-bottomed picnic area, offering a break from summer sun and a fun place to enjoy lunch. The restroom facility (originally constructed when Ronald Reagan was POTUS and “Top Gun” was in theaters) was remodeled and renovated from the bones to the stones- a much-needed upgrade from the original facility.
Remodeled and renovated bathroom facility at Fort Fisher
When you head down to the coast this summer, make sure you visit your friendly Park Rangers at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area to enjoy the new amenities and all it has to offer.  You’ll be glad you did!
Beach entrance adjacent to new shaded picnic facility

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