StoryWalk combines reading and the outdoors for kids

StoryWalk is coming to a North Carolina State Parks.

storywalk 1StoryWalk is simply a book and a walking path combined. In 2007, Anne Fergusson with the Vermont Department of Health had the idea to combine literacy and exercise. Teaming up with the Kellog Hubbard Library in Montpelier, they attached laminated pages from a children’s book onto wooden posts. In the ten years since, StoryWalks have gone up in all 50 states and at least 11 countries.

Our state parks education team has been busy laminating their favorite nature-based children’s books. We just add a little Velcro tape to the back, affix them to metal sign stakes, and a trail instantly becomes even more fun for children and book-lovers of all ages.

storywalk 2“As a parent, I love that the signs inspire young ones to hurry along the trail to find the next one. But, they also help make sure the kids don’t get too far ahead since they stop to read the next page,” says Education Manager Sean Higgins.

State park StoryWalks will usually remain up for one-to-two weeks along easy trails about one mile or less.   Upcoming walks include:

Dismal Swamp State Park, April 13-24, “Be A Friend to Trees”

Raven Rock State Park, April 20-May 1, “Diary of a Spider”

Carvers Creek State Park, May 2 – 16, “Diary of a Spider”

Lake James State Park, May 1 – 15, “Diary of a Spider”

Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve, May 17-31.


Look for more at throughout 2017.

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