Remember Centennial visits in 2016 with state parks passport

Over the years, many people have taken on the challenge of visiting every state park, but bragging rights to that accomplishment have been difficult to back up until now with the introduction of the North Carolina State Parks Passport.

PrintIn celebration of our 2016 Centennial, the passport program allows outdoor lovers to carry a keepsake passport to be stamped at any of the 41 states parks visited. For a limited time, the passport is free and every visitor completing the challenge will get a Centennial prize pack. The more state parks you visit and stamps you collect, the more prizes you can earn.

There are other simple requirements, so be sure to read complete details about the passport program to be found here.

PrintIf you can’t get to a park right away, you can also get a passport from our online store. Just for fun, many of our parks are offering stickers at interpretive programs and special events, which can also be placed into the passport. If you have kids, consider helping them earn Junior Ranger patches at the parks you visit. Complete details on the Junior Ranger program are found here.

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