LET’S CAMP AMERICA! all about building outdoor moments

Campers are often very passionate about their pastime, and for good reason. Camping is often the ultimate way to experience the outdoors, with opportunities to make memories, reconnect with family and with nature – and make use of all the cool gear found at outdoor retailers. So the latest initiative LET’S CAMP AMERICA!, announced today by the National Association of State Parks Directors (NASPD) should have plenty of fan appeal.


According to the NASPD and its America’s State Parks affiliate, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! is a rededication to the love of the great outdoors and an all-inclusive invitation to experience and dedicate family time to camping in 2016. It’s about building outdoor moments in the 230,000 campsites and cabins in America’s 50 state parks systems, including more than 3,000 campsites in North Carolina.

LET’S CAMP AMERICA! will promote the first weekend in May and the last weekend in September as time set aside for camping. Many parks in the nation will hold special camping promotions on those weekends.

let'scamp 1“NASPD wants to turn that casual day-in-the-park into that weekend-in-the-park. We have the resources to help everyone feel vital and keep coming back,” said Lewis Ledford, NASPD executive director and the retired director of North Carolina’s state parks. “LET’S CAMP AMERICA! presents the vast outdoor experiences available across our 50 state parks system in a user-friendly format. It’s not lost on America’s State Parks that the park you find needs to be affordable, accessible and accommodating. State parks deliver this every day.”

“Looking ahead, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! has the potential to engage one million people camping in state parks at the same time on the first weekend in May and the last weekend in September,” he said.

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