It’s the Year of the Amphibian in NC state parks

If you’re a true tarheel you should be able to name our two state amphibians. No?

The fifth specially designed bandana celebrating an annual nature theme.
The fifth specially designed bandana celebrating an annual nature theme.

Among the reasons that we have two state amphibians is that North Carolina is a hot spot for those critters. The state’s mountain region boasts the highest salamander diversity in the world (including the impressively large hellbender), and the southeastern U.S. has the highest frog diversity in the country.

So, it’s time to “Dance in the Rain” in 2015, the Year of the Salamander in North Carolina state parks.

State parks will continue the tradition of celebrating an annual theme with fun activities, excursions and another specially designed bandana. The Year of the Amphibian marks our fifth year of celebration. Parks will offer a variety of frog and salamander related programs, hikes and family events. Also, we will build new partnerships with other natural resource agencies and universities to promote research and conservation of amphibians across the state. Click here to find some of the events near you.

It won’t be long before cold winter days begin to soften with the sound of frog calls signaling the coming of spring. Let this change in season be an invitation to get out into the parks and celebrate with us.

Oh yes, our state amphibians are the marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum) and pine barrens tree frog (Hyla andersonii).

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