New Website helps plan field trips to state parks

(Submitted by field trip curriculum assistant Nathan Swick)

We may be a bit biased, but with so many incredible educational options available, we feel there’s no reason why North Carolina’s state parks shouldn’t be the number one field trip destination in the state. To make this happen, we wanted to make sure teachers, group leaders, and instructors could easily find information they need for informed decisions about where to spend precious out-of-classroom time.

Students search for aquatic life at Eno River State Park.
Students search for aquatic life at Eno River State Park.

A new field trip Website for North Carolina state parks makes it easy for teachers to find what programs are available, where those programs can be found, and how those programs fit into their classroom curriculum. We hope students will be able to blend the natural resources of state parks into their science and history lessens to broaden their perspective, personalize the learning experience…and get outdoors.

Teachers can go here and use search fields to find programs that best fit their needs for curriculum, distance, or subject, and easily make arrangements to bring students out for a unique hands-on experience.

Imagine discovering aquatic invertebrates at Eno River State Park, launching a carnivorous plant safari at Carolina Beach State Park or getting up close and personal with the rock cycle at Mount Jefferson State Natural Area, one of North Carolina’s scenic wonders.

We want North Carolina’s students to learn about the amazing natural resources in our state parks. We want them to realize why these places are so important and to appreciate the natural and historic legacy that is protected for North Carolina’s citizens and visitors. And we want to make it easier than ever for educators to bring students out to the parks.

North Carolina park rangers are certified environmental educators.
North Carolina park rangers are certified environmental educators.

So, check out the brand new Website and peruse the great educational opportunities there…and check out our video of a typical field trip experience! And of course, you can call or email a state park anytime with questions or to get help in tailoring an educational program for your group.

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