Local business, volunteers plant longleaf pines at Lake Waccamaw

Volunteers planted 1,670 longleaf pine seedlings on a day at the state park.

Volunteers planted 1,670 longleaf pine seedlings in a day at the state park.

A group of volunteers organized by a Wilmington-based apparel company planted 1,670 longleaf pine seedlings at Lake Waccamaw State Park recently.

HRB Movement promised to plant a tree for every product sold, and eventually wrangled the same promise from its retail partners – resulting in two trees planted for every sale.

HRB, which produces t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks and laptop cases, — in part from recycled materials – is committed to being socially responsible, locally involved and globally connected, says co-founder David Pearman. “We founded this business with a bigger mission than just producing and selling clothes. It’s been great to get out in front of our customers and explain to them that they’re not only getting a unique, comfortable t-shirt. They’re actually helping to improve the environment and hopefully inspiring others at the same time,” he said.

Lake Waccamaw has a large and healthy longleaf pine habitat that can support the revered trees, the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and a host of other linked species – all helped along by an aggressive prescribed burn program. Prior to the HRB planting, the park staff cleared woody shrubs from a four-acre parcel of the 2,159-acre park in Columbus County. The project was coordinated by Ranger Jonathan Short and James Sasser, a regional biologist for the state parks system.

Tree Planting Picture Reel

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  1. How may one volunteer to plant long leaf pines? Is there a resource you can share? Thanks in advance.

    • There’s no good centralized resource. But this company has intentions to expand the project to other locations so you might contact them or Ranger Short.


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